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Things to see and do in Santa Barbara (when you’re not wine tasting)


Santa Barbara Courthouse

if you are feeling all ‘touristy’ then you can’t do better than a trip to the famed Santa Barbara Courthouse located at 1100 Anacapa Street, in downtown Santa Barbara. This Spanish Colonial Revival style building has been described as “grandest Spanish Colonial Revival structure ever built,” and is the preeminent example of Santa Barbara’s adoption of Spanish Colonial as its civic style after the 1925 earthquake. In addition to enjoying stone facades, ceramic tilework and historic murals, you can view the fascinating, restored clock room and ascend the 85ft “El Mirador” clock tower. From the top of the tower you have the best 360° view of SB, conveniently annotated by labeled photographs in all directions.

Stearn’s Wharf

Stearn’s Wharf

Located at the end of State St, Stearns Wharf is a great place for locals and tourists of all ages to eat, shop, fish, or simply walk and enjoy the view. There are 17 businesses on the Wharf open to the public, ranging from restaurants, wine tastings, museums, souvenir shops, and smaller eateries, such as an ice cream parlor and candy store. Dating back to 1872, it is the longest deep-water pier between Los Angeles and San Francisco, and offers great views up and down the coast. You can even park your car on the Wharf for free for over an hour if you don’t fancy the walk.



Take a morning or afternoon to explore Montecito, and maybe bump into one of your favorite celebs. Divided broadly into “Upper” (beyond which most famous faces don’t wander) and “Lower” Montecito, a pleasant stroll in either area will offer a range of upscale boutiques, coffee shops, cafes and restaurants. From Montecito you are a stone’s throw from the beautiful Butterfly Beach and Four Seasons Biltmore Resort, and now, to the East, the Rosewood Miramar Resort.

For more information on all the great things to see and do in and around Santa Barbara, please visit Sant Barbara Visitor Center at 1 Garden St, Santa Barbara CA or check out the Visit Santa Barbara website:

Great Places To Eat In Santa Barbara

Bear in mind even we haven’t yet eaten in every restaurant in town, so these are just some places that are personal favorites. We’ve divided them completely arbitrarily into “Lunch” (meaning quick, fairly low budget, simple fare) and “Dinner” (possibly not open for lunch, more upscale, or evening feel) based on when we tend to eat there!

Coffee Shops/Breakfast

Dawn Patrol

Great, hearty breakfast/brunch fare. A favorite place to eat before or after kayaking or walking on the beach. Load up with coffee and freshly pressed juice and then decisions have to be made- the “build your own” hash seems to be most peoples’ go to, but the French toast and the frittata are worth visiting.


You know those kinda places you want to tell everyone about because they are so awesome, and yet you don’t want to tell everyone about because they are like a well kept secret and you don’t want them to become overrun? Well, Bree’osh is that place. Run by a French couple who are just delightful – friendly but low key and lovely – and who turn out the most amazing pastries and great coffee. Their eggs are all organic and taste like they were plucked from the coop that morning, and then cooked to absolute perfection! Just grab a latte and a plate of mixed brioche.

Handlebar Coffee Roasters (2 locations)

There are a few decent coffee spots in Santa Barbara but our vote for best of the best goes to Handlebar Café. Rich, smooth, deeply soul-satisfying coffee turned out reliably day after day due to the passion and diligence of the owners Kim and Aaron. Pair your beverage with their delicious Avocado Toast or a pastry and you are set for the day!

Backyard Bowls

Specializes in acai bowls, hot porridges, smoothies, and much more. In their own words, they provide a healthy and delicious food while striving to minimize their earthly impact – and the popularity of their fruit filled, superfood rich fare is attested to by the line outside after yoga classes get out on Sunday mornings.


Lucky Penny

Fabulous small pizzas and drippingly delicious pulled pork sandwiches. It’s not fancy – order inside and then grab a seat in their little patio area – but I always look forward to eating here. The food is consistently good and the pizza crust is hard to beat. It is definitely a Santa Barbara style way to eat – outdoors in a laid back atmosphere. 1.805.284.0358

East Beach Tacos

The continuous line at the order window indicates just how popular this hole in the wall taco joint is. Order the Triple Play (3 tacos for 9.95) and sit by the batting cages while you enjoy the yummy, fresh fillings. Personal favorites? Crispy Spicy Shrimp, Gangnam Style, Batter Up.

226 E Milpas St, Sanat Barbara CA 93103 (805) 770.2761

Corazon Cucina

Located in the lovely Santa Barbara Public Market, Corazon Cucina features on many people’s ‘Best of SB’ lists. The fresh, modern Mexican cuisine, full of the highest quality ingredients, is not to be missed. A visit to their salsa bar is an event in itself!

38 W Victoria Santa Barbara, CA 93101  (805) 845-0282

The Empty Bowl

Also in the Public Market, and styled as a gourmet noodle bar, I think of Empty Bowl as Thai street food gone posh. The food is great – fresh, healthy, tasty and irresistible. Pad Thai, Hangover Noodles, Curry Soup…too many favorites to list! Seating limited to bar.

38 W Victoria Santa Barbara, CA 93101 (805) 335-2426


A greek style deli that is consistently busy because it consistently turns out great, tasty food. Located on the edge of the Funk Zone, it’s a great place to stop after a little wine/beer tasting. The reason it chiefly makes this list is because they really know how to make a sandwich, and in my world that is a BIG deal! “This Little Piggy” is so good that I rarely get beyond it on the menu.

216 E Yanonali St, Santa Barbara, CA 93101  (805) 899-2300

The Blue Owl

This little joint off State St is highly rated for a reason, and though it is listed in our ‘lunch’ section’ it is one place you can get great food late into the night (think 2am). The Asian Fusion cuisine is simple but simply delicious and healthy. They cater to vegan, gluten free, veggie, and just about any type of diet – but I have to admit I can’t resist their Bahn Mi Sandwich. The place definitely has a young/hipster vibe with communal tables and cool décor, and the service is insanely friendly and the food really good no matter who you are.

5 W Canon Perdido, Santa Barbara, CA 93101  (805) 705-0991

Yellow Belly

This place should not really be in the lunch section of our little guide, as it is only open for brunch/lunch on the weekends, being mainly a place serving craft beers and superb burgers/sandwiches in the evenings – but it is Sunday brunch that we go for. With ten craft beers on tap, and a laid back, friendly atmosphere, it is a personal favorite.


The Honor Bar

This place runs like a well-oiled machine, turning out great food in a great atmosphere to the beautiful people of Montecito. Though we have listed in the dinner section, I most often end up eating there for brunch/lunch at weekends. At these times you can almost always expect a wait of some length. Once you’re inside though you get that little hit of inner satisfaction – and the anticipation of good things to come. The food is reliably good every visit. Note that the Honor Bar is casual only in a Montecito sense of the word, and sloppy attire is frowned upon.

The Black Sheep

Not always the first name on peoples’ lips when ask to list the best restaurants in town, but definitely one of our favorites. The Black Sheep s a place you could take your parents, but also where you’d enjoy with a group of friends. The vibe created by Ruben Perez, son of owner and chef Robert, is extremely friendly and welcoming, and the food, as billed, is creative, fresh and downright delicious. Also not to be missed is the cocktail menu. Let Ruben guide you on your choice….or just work your way through it until you have to stop!


I am not always a fan of Middle Eastern fare as I find the menus can become a bit predictable. However, the combination of quality food in an enchanting garden location makes Zaytoon a place we find ourselves returning to again and again. Enjoying food that is California fresh, and Lebanese delicious, in a private garden surrounded by fairy lights, the peach colored, trumpet-shaped, fragrant Brugmansia flowers, and seated around pretty, fire-pit tables, is bound to produce fond memories.

The Boathouse

Like most of the waterfront restaurants around Santa Barbara, this one is not known for it’s Michelin stars. However, this is a much loved spot in one of the loveliest locations in Santa Barbara. The food is fresh and good, with seafood the natural go to, and tastes all the better for being eaten in view of sunlight sparkling on the ocean, and views down one of Santa Barbara’s prettiest beaches. Come here for brunch, lunch or dinner with friends or family, and you won’t go wrong.


Just back from the beach on lower State St you will find this busy spot serving great food tapas-style. Loquita showcases authentic Spanish food including hot and cold tapas, wood-fired grilled seafood and meats, and seasonal paella – and this Mediterranean style using fresh, local ingredients seems an especially good fit for Santa Barbara. I have never heard a bad word in relation to Loquita, and it is a top choice when you come to town.


We discovered Convivo while temporarily displaced from our home and staying in a hotel next door. Tired and not wanting a long trek to find food we decided to try Convivo and to our shame expected it to be a generic hotel restaurant. Wow, were our expectations pleasantly confounded! Located in the Santa Barbara Inn, right on East Beach, their fare is billed ‘nomadic Italian’. I’m not sure what is exactly nomadic about it, but it is distinctly Italian and utterly delicious and affordable. You could eat here in the cozy feeling dining room for a romantic evening, or for a family get together, enjoying an extensive local wine list and feasting on, for example, their 7 hour veal Bolognese and earn plaudits for your great choice of eating places.