How to write an explanatory essay

An expository essay is among the many essays written by students to explain a specific issue to the reader.   The important consideration when writing an expository essay is to be aware of the audience. Expository essays target different audiences and have different purposes. Usually, an expository essay has five paragraphs with an introductory paragraph with the main ideas followed by three body paragraphs with detailed explanation to support the thesis claim. A conclusion restates the main idea and ties them together to the main point of the essay.

When developing the initial draft of an expository essay, it’s important to present the topic sentence to state the main ideas of the essay. The three body paragraphs need to cover different points to elaborate on the thesis. Body paragraphs present facts and examples that support the points of the paragraph. A good conclusion needs to reinforce the thesis the main supporting ideas. Always revise the expository easy to reorganize the paper ensure that all the details are included in the essay. Watch out for running sentences, which are common mistakes writers make when they lose focus and veer from the topic presenting unnecessary details. Look at your essay to make the necessary changes, correct spelling and grammar mistakes to present a perfect essay.