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Eos Santa Barbara has been offering tours and transportation services in and around Santa Barbara for a decade. In 2018 it was taken over by husband and wife team Nick James and Prasuna Parsons, who had moved to Santa Barbara from Sedona, Arizona after falling in love with both the atmosphere and sense of community they found in Santa Barbara.

Driven by our passion for Santa Barbara, and the wine industry and picturesque communities of the Santa Ynez Valley, Eos strives to make this beauty accessible to visitors and locals alike. We never take what we have for granted, and we are honored to serve you with safe, reliable tour and transportation services that have an extra element of caring and personalization.

nick james and prasuna parsons

Nick James

A Master botanist and lifelong entrepreneur turned his attention to wine after selling his aromatherapy and spa product business in 2016. Passionate about natural botanical products, and the principles of wellbeing and natural health, he saw wine, and in particular Santa Barbara County wine, as a natural segue from his previous interests.

In his own words: “Wine is pretty much aromatherapy with alcohol added – what could be better than that? And the ways in which wine and wine tasting awaken and attune us to our senses ties naturally with the idea of mindfulness and being present in the moment. Added to that, the fact that wine brings us together in a communal experience full of warmth, relaxation and sharing has me convinced that there is much wellness and healing benefit to be gained from spending time wine tasting with friends – as if we needed any more excuse!”

Writing under the pen name Santa Barbara Wine Wizard, Nick is at the heart of the Eos team that designs and curates unique wine tours and days in Santa Barbara Wine Country for the customers of Eos Santa Barbara.

Prasuna Parsons

With a Masters degree in Library and Information Management, Prasuna has a natural knack of being on top of things. Having worked side by side with Nick in three previous businesses, Prasuna is at home administrating and overseeing the logistical systems that make Eos Transportation run smoothly. Safety and an eye for detail are two of her watchwords, and if you notice little details in your wine tour that make things special – such as pressed tablecloths on your picnic table – you can bet she had a hand in their inclusion. When she not organizing your tours, you can find her in the Pilates studio or at a spin class working up a storm.  You can reach out to Prasuna directly with questions about billing at [email protected]

Dino Fields

Dino – our George Clooney lookalike! – is the heart and soul of the Eos Santa Barbara office. Heading up the sales and scheduling of tours and wedding transportation it will likely be Dino you speak to when figuring out the details of where and when we’ll be picking up your wedding guests.

A lifelong resident of the South/Central California Coast, and with a long career in finance and banking under his belt, Dino has a knack for injecting humor into just about any situation – just don’t give him the mic if you ever want to get it back again! But seriously folks – Dino will take care of all your transportation needs and when that’s all done he can talk baseball and rock music with you to your heart’s content.

Rob Armstead

Rob is one of Eos’ lead tour drivers. Having spent his career as a full-time practicing psychotherapist and addiction counsellor, “Doc Robert” is enjoying a slightly less stressful second career as a wine tour guide in Santa Barbara Wine Country. Full of interesting stories, and with a natural inclination for caring and shepherding people, Rob wins hearts and minds wherever he goes and will make sure your group is safe and happy at all times.

Tony Browning

Tony is a naturally talented guide and driver. Raised in Santa Barbara, there is not a nook or cranny of the area that Tony doesn’t know – and he is a wellspring of interesting local facts to boot. With an affable nature, and love of humor, Tony is great company and his safe driving skills have been honed on everything from horses to big rigs. Whether your party is large and boisterous, or more low key, Tony always delivers a good time.

George Manos

You can take the boy out of the ocean, but you can’t take the ocean out of the boy! A lifetime of surfing the California Coast has produced one genuine and easygoing individual in George. Born in Greece, but raised in California, you can see the sun and surf in his eyes, and George was in wine country before most of wine country existed. A connoisseur of wine and of life, George prides himself in his in-depth knowledge of wine country and of the characters that made it.